Stephen VII


Cause of Death:
or Stephen VIII
928.12 to 931.02
Pope #124
Leo VI (928)
John XI (931-935)

Stephen, son of Teudemund
in Rome

Pope Stephen VII


A Roman. Son of Teudemund.


Little is known about his election. Most scholars believe that he was selected to be pope by Marozia, the powerful senatrix of Rome, who had also handpicked the last four popes with whom she favoured.

Previous Pope still alive

The legitimacy of Stephen VII's papacy is disputed. Like his predecessor Pope Leo VI (928), he became pope while Pope John X (914-918) was still living. He had been placed in prison by Marozia. Stephen VII's appointment may also have been considered temporary by Marozia, until her son was ready to assume the throne two years later.


He was cardinal-priest of St. Anastasia in Rome prior to his elevation. As pope, he granted various priveleges to several monasteries in Italy and France.


He died in February or March 931. The cause unknown; however, a later source claimed that he had been smothered while in prison. Considering his short reign and the period in which he lived, it is very likely that he was assassinated.

Rulers & Events:

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913-959: Eastern Roman Emperor, Constantine VII
919-944: Eastern Roman Emperor, Romanus I
919-936: King of Germany, Henry I (the Fowler)
922-933: King of Italy, Rudolf II of Burgundy
923-936: King of West Francia, Rudolph