Leo I


Cause of Death:
St. Leo I the Great
440 to 461.11.10
Pope #45
St. Sixtus III (432-440)
St. Hilarius (461-468)

in Rome
461.11.10 in Rome, Italy
Pope Leo I


Pontifex Maximus title

He was the first Pope to be given the title of Pontifex Maximus, a title previously reserved for the Roman Emperors. He had his Tome engraved with the teaching that he was the successor of the Apostle Peter. The council of Chalcedon read this before the council, and they all agreed that Peter was speaking through Pope Leo I.

In 445, the Western Roman Empire is conquored Odoacer the Teuton, and Emperor Valentinian III surrenders authority to the Pope, ordering all to obey the Roman Pontiff who has the "primacy of Saint Peter".


Leo I believed in absolute authority of the papacy. He became the first pope to order the deaths of his enemies.


He started the practice of private confessions.


He ordered against the marriage of Nuns, because they are married to Jesus.

Rulers & Events:

408-450: Eastern Roman Emperor, Theodosius II
425-455: Western Roman Emperor, Valentinian III
441-544: First Saxon revolt, native Britons defeated
445: Valentinian III orders all to obey the Roman Pontiff
447-843: Frankish Kingdom established, Emperor Merovech (447-458)
450: Jutes, Angles, and Saxons colonise Britain
450-457: Eastern Roman Emperor, Marcian
455: Western Roman Emperor, Petronius Maximus
455: Vandals sack Rome, under King Geiseric (428-477)
455-456: Western Roman Emperor, Avitus
457-474: Eastern Roman Emperor, Leo I the Great
457-461: Western Roman Emperor, Majorian
461-465: Western Roman Emperor, Libius Severus